Rework/change suggestion of multiple games

little birde feeders:

  1. same as the upcoming super hoopers, you no longer need to look down to grab the balls.
  2. instead of having only 8/9 balls, you will be given a specific time (50 seconds?) to throw as many as possible to score the higher points.
  3. every 10 points score you 1 ticket.
  4. bonus round if you get 3500 points, you get 2 tickets per 10 points thereafter.
  5. no fundamental changes to the existing scoring system.


  1. give two tries out of a 10-token play.
  2. jackpot increment should be 25+ per try.

stack 'em:

  1. if you reach level 5, you win a bonus 1000 tickets.

newton’s apples important! this is too low in terms of payout.

  1. 45+ successful hits should give you a bonus try after you finished all balls, besides 250 tickets.
  2. hitting 50 should be 500 tickets.

wheely rigged:

  1. if you hit bonus, you get 150 tickets instead of 50.
  2. you should be given 10 tries instead of 9.

planetary piano

  1. remove the maximum payout cap.

lonely gun 30XX

  1. if you can reach all four rounds, you get 200+ tickets instead of the usual 100~120.
  2. the fewer shots you use, the more tickets.

I don’t think this is a good idea as people can easily hog machines and it’d be a mess.

Same thing here.

It is pretty easy to complete all four rounds, so maybe the amount of tickets should be based on how many shots it took?

understandable, but my point is that the payout is kinda low and 8 tokens aren’t attracting people to play. or I should say, every launch gives you 8 more seconds to keep up.

better be.

Birde Feeders is 5 tokens and is one of the best ways to make tickets actually, earning 500 - 600 tickets for a perfect game. Unless you are mistaking it for a different game.

I’d stick to 1 try, but 8 tokens instead, just like wheely rigged.

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