Rewards for places in games

I would like to suggest that in games such as Bowling, Golf, and any other that could have “places” for your performance, there should be a reward for getting 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, so people would try harder to get nicer scores and make an effort, because lately i’ve been seen a lot of people that doesn’t even try to play the game <3

Isn’t it already in bowling?


I don’t think golf should have placements because the host could just start the game before anyone joins and have an advantage for the rest of the game

In Ball Race, you don’t get rewarded for getting in first to third place unless at least 3 people have joined the server, so Minigolf could just do that as well.


It’s per level in ballrace. How would it work in golf exactly? If it was per level then multiple people would get first place every hole. If it was for the whole game, then the host could get an advantage for starting as soon as they load in.
Ballrace is time based and golf is stroke based.

Minigolf doesn’t do rank payouts because it’s less about how well you did against others and more how well you did yourself. I do think leaderboards will provide more competition to that.

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I was actually thinking about this yesterday, Maybe you could add a reward for getting under par for the entire course. Basically the same as how getting a perfect game in bowling gives you an extra reward.