Reward units based on damage instead of kills for survivors


Since currently total kills is what puts you in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. This kinda generates a somewhat competitive environment for survivors, fighting to get the most kills. Which is odd because it’s a team based game.

Instead of having to worry about kill stealing. Make the payout and score based on damage done to infected, instead of whoever got the killing blow.

(A change like this would also be nice for Zombie Massacre.)



I was thinking about this recently. I’ve played other games where it tracks kills and damage you’ve done for that round and gives points based on that. So let’s say each infected has 1,000 health; it would give you the same amount of points as getting kills if you did the amount of damage to kill an infected normally. 1,000 damage = 1 kill points-wise. This would be better in my opinion because like you said, it’s a team based game. If it wasn’t then the “Team Player” payout wouldn’t be a thing.



I’d personally love this but I don’t know how feasible it is. Latency and poor hosts could make tracking exact damage numbers difficult…



I see nothing wrong with this. People get competitive within their own teams all the time. My friends and I frequently make it a game to see who can get to 100 points in tf2.

Killing is the ultimate way to ensure you don’t get caught, not just damaging them, so it should be the metric for success as a survivor.

Also, all this would do is make people start cheesing for most damage instead. For example, this would give the last survivor a huge advantage to come out on top cause they’d just have to fire blindly into the hoards without achieving kills, which is way harder if your more focused on running. That itself would encourage people to hide away until they’re last survivor.

Not to mention this would completely discount early infected from ever placing.

I say just leave it as it is.



This would work better for ZM than Virus imo

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As it stands now, Virus is a strange beast. The whole “team game” argument seems really flimsy, in practice this game is more like a free for all disguised as a team game. The placing doesn’t really make sense, as an infected can be first place while also losing the game. I think the entire games payouts need to be evaluated, and damage based rewards sounds like a good start.