Revised Voice Chat/Expanded Voice (Microphone) Options

I understand that this is probably a more complicated aspect of the game, and there have been attempts to make voice chat consistently reliable.

With socializing being one of the primary aspects of Tower Unite, voice chat is extremely important. That being said, I have had very mixed experiences with voice chat in Tower. As of late, maybe 50% of the time I attempt to speak in Tower Unite my voice communication is not coming through to other players.

Last night I was Condo hopping with friends and despite Discord and Steam registering my Mic and allowing me to test my mic and hear it myself, nobody can hear my in Tower. It is very frustrating, as I had NO indication of this besides my friends in discord letting me know. Solo players would think they are being intentionally ignored. I also want to clarify majority of the time I’ve attempted voice chat it has been in Condos which at p2p, I don’t know if it matters whether you’re in a dedicated server or p2p connection.

The biggest part of my frustration comes from the only confirmation Tower Unite provides me is the Microphone icon in the bottom right when I held down the push-to-talk button, which proved unreliable as no one else could here me.

My Suggestions:
1. Elaborate on the Voice Options inside of Tower.
From what I can tell, Tower is just reading what device I am using from my Steam settings. When I test my mic in Steam everything is fine. When I speak in Tower, no one hears me. If possible I’d love to see both an in-game device selection option, as well as in-game microphone test.

2. Revise voice chat overall
At some point I think the voice chat should be revisited entirely. As stated above, communication is a HUGE aspect of this game. I think it deserves to be focused on again at some point, maybe when Community Condos or more socially-focused aspects of the game are reaching release.

This is only my perpsective, and I don’t know how wide-spread Voice Chat issues still are. So I’d like to ask:
1. Is the community experiencing the same level of inconsistency I am with voice chat?
2. What are the developers views on the current state of voice chat?

I searched suggestions and the last I saw related to this suggestion was from 2016, so I feel this should be brought up again. Honestly, just some way of confirming my voice is coming through or not in-game would be so relieving.

I’ve had times where several people will be talking via voice chat, and suddenly it just stops and goes silent, and it’s very frustrating. Happens often in large groups in condos.

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The biggest problem I see is Accelerate, which I’ve just had to stop playing overall. It started with the, “Host can’t speak during loading” to (after the hotfix) “Randomly assigned use of the voice chat” to (now that Bedzoom pt. 2 is out) no voice chat at all. I don’t know if others are experiencing this, as well. However, I’ve had to stop playing the game because my computer apparently can’t handle the models or something now that workshop is out because I can’t hardly use any weapons. I get (maybe) 2 per race so I spend most of it just getting r*d by other players.