Revert handling buff

I get that boost spam was an issue and I agree with the nerf, but the new handling feels horrible to me personally.

Do you play with controller or keyboard only?

Keyboard. It just feels like theres a lack of friction and I’m trying to maintain control on ice or something.

Unfortunately, I have to I agree. I’ve been a big supporter of reworking drift-boost spam, but I thought cars already handled pretty good. I haven’t enjoyed playing Accelerate ever since steering was changed a couple months ago. Apparently this was mitigated a little bit with the last update, but I noticed little difference.

I haven’t posted about this because it’s hard to articulate, but it feels as if there’s a huge exponential curve in how hard you turn after a second, it feels really unnatural. I find myself constantly turning sharper than I mean to, and it seems like you lean too far relative to the front-facing camera as well.

I will at least say I believe it’s mitigated slamming into walls while boosting with power items.

Also, I play controller only.