Returned to tower unite, now i wonder what are the best and most fun current ways of making cash?

I wanna get more condos but for that, I need more units so what are the best or most fun ones to do that you would advise, I recently returned as well to the game after checking what things where added, what ones should I focus on doing and what ones to avoid, is still casino a viable choice, what about some of the minigames, all information and feedback is appreciated, the more info the better I can decide what I will do

Well playing zombie massacre by yourself is one of the best earners available to you.
It might be the best one when comparing the time spent to how much you earn, but im not sure and i haven’t bothered actually finding out which gamemode earns you the most.

I would also recommend ball race if you’re good at racing and collecting melons, sadly from what i know you only earn extra units from the melon pieces if you’re playing with a minimum amount of people in the session so if you end up playing it in singleplayer the pay might not be as good as one had hoped

The minigames that frequently start in the area behind the tower can also work as a quick little boost in cash, it isn’t much but it’s something.

Personally i would recommend target practice after having practiced. a little bit with accurately shooting targets at a quick pace, since if you’re good at it you can easily amass a score of 10k or higher which should earn you a fair amount of cash.

I wouldn’t call the casino a reliable source of income.
Especially when you factor in how random the results from the spins are which means attempting to win the jackpot in something like grand quest could take between 10 minutes to 2 hours, or 2 days, an infinity or two infinities.

You might have better luck on the triple diamonds since you only need to get three diamonds to get the jackpot.

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ok i will take those into consideration what about virus is that viable

Virus isn’t really viable unless you’re skilled at it and can either infect/ a lot of people or stay alive for a long while.

ok i guess i will give the ones suggested a try later today, thx for the info

Treasure hunt at the plaza commonly gives out Always Lucky Slot Machines which go for 10k each, i would suggest staying in the plaza for an extended period of time and keep doing the Treasure hunt event

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what area of the plaza does it trigger the metal detector, am still learning what events are where

The treasures spawn at the stretch of beach between the lighthouse and the giant beach, and the beach area that is located behind the giant pools and lazy rivers

Incase you didn’t know, the treasure from the sea event happens every 30 minutes, not sure what specific time it starts at though.

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am still learning about some stuff about the events, i played a bit of tower unite but not a lot of it

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i tried doing the event as it triggered recently but i could not figure out how to use the detector in the event

just keep running in the beach areas, when it makes a beep it means you are near one, the faster it beeps the closer you are to it, when you found the spot where the detector beeps the fastest look down and try to find a shadow the shape of a treasure chest and press E when it allows you to, there are 10 chests for each player so when you find one keep looking around for the other 10, also press K first because sometimes that would fix any problems. if you still need help i would suggest asking players on the plaza for some help, whatever you do DO NOT ASK IN GLOBAL that place is toxic.

ok found out that i got around 2 treasure chest o’ Units how to i redeem them

The redeemable items can be placed in your condo where upon you just press e on them to claim them.

Although since they are a “not in store” their resell price is exactly the same as the one which is listed when you move your mouse over them, said price is the same as what you would get from claiming them.

So you can just sell them from your inventory if you don’t wanna go into your condo and put them down so you can claim them.

Bowling is the best way to make units (if you know how to get strikes).

i normally find minigolf to be a good way to get units (or maybe i’m just addicted to minigolf)

Treasure hunt is indeed especially good. I’ve had times when I got 2 golden catsacks (usually sell since chances of gaining more units by opening is rarely profitable) and an always lucky slot machine. Laser Pointers are a good gain too.

Think of any items you aquire as loot as anything can be sold. I personally got lucky on wheel of money early on but can be pretty darn draining sitting in a casino for hours - not the exact intention of the game.

Overall just don’t think of units for about a week, be active on plaza, do mini games, and play game world’s - zombie massacre solo is excellent for units.

Also, i would suggest having fun instead, you see when you dont focus on trying to get units and just spend time and have fun like for example play with a couple of buddies you know that have TU or attempt to get as many achievements you can possibly get you will end up forgetting about trying to get units in the first place and when you remember again you check on how much units you have and be like “wait how did i get this much units” this has happened to me atleast twice.

atm my focus is not units anymore, i grinded the ones i needed, now i guess am going to try and have fun, probably play some mini games and so on

but first i might ask this here before making my own topic about it, is it normal to have loadout issues in virus and also issues infecting other when hitting them sometimes my hits dont proper register and have gotten empty loadouts

Spawning without any weapons as a survivor in Virus is definitely not normal, if it has happened more than once you should definitely post a bug report on it since there could be a problem.

As for your attempts to attack other players in virus, it’s possible server calculated that the attacks didn’t actually hit anything for a number reasons, which leads to the hits not registering even though it might have looked like they should have on your end.