Return Booze Bash

It was fun, I liked it. And the food frenzy we have now wasn’t even redesigned since halloween (not mentioning i always liked the drunk effect after the minigame event)

Why was it removed? is it cause of game getting more family friendly oriented or something

Booze Bash was in the minigame rotation during the Anniversary event this year, they could’ve just decided to make it exclusive to that or something, idk

I believe it’s an anniversary even exclusive minigame, considering that it came back this anniversary event and the achievement for it is still in the game

that’s kinda strange.
We should’ve at least got a food frenzy without pumpkins stuff then I assume, but this seem like they just wanted to get rid of it for some reason

If they want to get rid of it, they should also get rid of the achievement, otherwise it’s just not fair to have an achievement that is unobtainable

Also why again have we got Snowball Battle occurring on the regular during the summer months? That minigame is out of season

Finally Food Frenzy shouldn’t reward Halloween exp if it’s not currently Halloween

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It’s an anniversary event exclusive minigame

It’s an anniversary event exclusive minigame

Snowball Battle is also meant to be exclusive to winter holidays event, apparently

*gestures broadly at everything*

Bring back booze bash!
Down with food frenzy outside of halloween!
Give us the drunkness funnies!

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Booze bash is also in the summer event