Restore the Journal Length

Restore the journal length, so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted $4500 on 3 of them.

I started putting the chapters of a book I wrote into each journal, and I was totally cool with one chapter per journal. But now you dropped the character limit to 500. I’m not pissing away $1500 per journal to fill out ~20000+ words per chapter.

You dropped the limit to 1/50th of its original size, so their current value is 30 units, not 1500 units.

You just posted about this ( and I replied.

Also, the Unit to words available is not a value we consider. Just because there’s less characters allowed, doesn’t mean the item should decrease in Unit value.

Also, once an item’s price is in-game - it’s set for life. We don’t change Unit prices on items.

No inflation, no economy? A bit boring but I like that. I guess if I want to play stockbroker I have to play Gw2.

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That was a reply to a thread on the topic, but the importance warranted posting it in suggestions.

As for pricing, this is supposed to denote the value of the item.
When the key, and ONLY, feature of the item drops down to 0.002% of its initial value, obviously the value drops accordingly.

Either way, you’re working on the problem, that’s all that matters to me. I don’t care if it takes several months to rectify, my only request is that it goes back to the original value once the problem is rectified. OR put in multiple journal sizes and a lag warning for the larger ones.

Holy shit. For some reason that hadn’t occurred to me. I’m also very slowly working on a novel myself. I’m totally gonna do this, too.

This wasn’t a lag issue. If you loaded up a journal with that many characters, it crashed your client.

You absolutely should, Balian.

My intention is to have each journal carry one chapter, and each of the journals will be scattered around my condo (or maybe some outside). That way, if visitors enjoy my story, they can explore my condo to find each piece. :slight_smile:

Dang, I thought I was original! Ah well, the entire condo is gonna propose answers to the story and people sorta have to make their own assumptions about my characters in my narrative.

En guarde.