Restart a Mini-Golf level by pressing R (+1 or 2 penalty)

Self explanatory. Let us (if we aren’t in the hole yet) press R or a similar hotkey to restart the current level for excessive practice of specific trickshots and stuff.

Currently, the only way to get really good at golf is to play all the way through a course just to get to practice on a specific level again. I’d really like to see this, coupled with a reasonable penalty of course so it isnt abused while playing against other people.

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Not really the best execution, I think. Restarting a level with a button press would be too easy to do accidentally (maybe you want to type something except you forget to open the chat window), and it could be easily abusable on HIO-able holes.
I’d think something like this would be better:

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Obviously: it would bring up a prompt (similar to the disconnect one) asking to accept or cancel the restart.

This is easier to implement than an entire level select for every golf course and level. Perhaps the penalty can be the amount of strokes you have currently taken since the start. So on a par 5, if you’ve taken 3 and need to restart, it’s +3.

“Restart level? Penalty for restart will be +3.”

I’d rather it remain as hard to practice each specific hole as it can possibly be. Knowing just how to perfectly get the best score on every single hole cheapens the game and is something I’d rather not have people be able to do to keep each game as dynamic as it can be.

Is this a party game or an elitist “I know how to get it and you don’t” game? Convenience trumps frustration. That’s an argument that will never win that kind of problem.

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Thanks for mentioning my thread :heart:

But yeah about the idea itself, it’s not a great way of doing it. I would rather it be a singleplayer-only kinda thing and it has a menu listing all the holes/hole names, and whichever you choose, you get to go to it. On top of that, it would be nice if you could also choose where your ball could be, so maybe you could test some silly things or try to set up really specific shots.

Yeah, but people (Including myself) have already found setups for plenty of holes on all the courses, and it basically just leaves the setups and such to be found by the hardcore players that will dig and create this stuff. I would say that having a way to practice holes (Like the way I suggested) would basically give everyone an equal opportunity and make things as equal as possible, so people can dig in a specific hole without having to be one of those people who’s willing to dedicate so much time to a single thing like this.

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I think it might be better if you could only retry the last shot you’ve taken, otherwise people could troll you on a course by getting right to the end then restarting the whole thing.[quote=“CarbonCopyCat, post:2, topic:13559”]
Restarting a level with a button press would be too easy to do accidentally

They could always let you remap the key. Ballrace use to have a kill button to restart a level and i never had a problem with it.

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