Rest In Peace GMOD Tower (image collection)

So Tower unite is coming out and Gmod tower is going offline. I just thought i would make this little topic so that if you have any images of gmod tower you can upload them here for memories of something that used to be. imgur links will be fine unless you know a way to upload pictures directly. So rest in peace Gmod Tower thanks for the memories
Link to the images:


This made me so sad :frowning:

Recommended Listening:

okay i just noticed the last picture on this album which shouldn’t be on here i don’t remember adding it but ignore the last image on this album

No it’s a good end point leave it in

Checking out of my GMT condo for the last time.


bruh why you gotta make me upset

One last picture

one last party

One last look to the past

Gmt, you will be missed.

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