Respawn boost can force user into water

This takes place on the small lake towards the end of the track. When you drift and boost into the lake right before the middle rock, you will find yourself respawning off the lake. However, the kart immediately boosts, throwing you into the lake again if the respawn angle is not great.

This may take anywhere from one to several respawns for you to appear at the ‘safe’ angle, at which case may involve facing the wrong direction on the track. Braking does not seem to help as well as steering towards the right (backwards on the track), which can help reduce the number of respawns.

This is the location and angle where you can drift and find this problem.

I will upload another video when I can demonstrating this and post it here,
EDIT 3: Here is the link to the video.

EDIT: Just a change in title to something more concise and changes to paragraphs for clarity.
EDIT 2: We have realised that this applies when you are not the host. This problem no longer happens on single player/hositng the session but can still happen to other players.

Hope this helps