Resort as seen from space (Fully zoomed out map)


In case anyone was wondering, here’s the complete level geography for the Resort.

Taken from 300 kilometers above the map (after calculations/conversions.)

Fun fact: that’s just 100km under the distance at which the International Space Station flies at.


Wow, this condo is giant. Is all of the land around the condo usable?


As far as I know? Yes. It all has solid ground, and you can build/walk everywhere. I have teleported to the very edge of each side and scoped it out.


I wonder why they made the OOB area so large, and gave it proper collisions.


I really think that the overall map sizes out of bounds for TU is incredible. I would love to see someone make an in-depth RPG style map (especially since we now have NPC support).


I was already working on a condo project set in the middle of the woods.
Will try to add a small RPG story to it with the NPCs when i get home


Very usable