Required reading for below-Member users before posting in "Questions" category

I’m not sure how many of you have been watching the Questions category, but the forum suffers from a multitude of the same questions over and over, whether it be “muh gmod tower reward”, “am i keeping gmt stuffs??”, and other questions that have already been answered/confirmed, Most users apparently don’t know that most of this is answered either through searching the forum or the glorious “Confirmed in TU” post by CKlidify.

I feel if we have a post containing the “Confirmed in TU” link, as well as other commonly asked questions answered, we can avoid the deluge of the same question and keep the forum nice and tidy.



Like this idea, but, just because someone SAYS they read something, doesn’t mean they actually did.

Absolutely true on that, though it’s better to do what we can rather than nothing at all (the current status quo).

But the most commonly asked questions are answered…
Edit: Also it’s pinned on the top of the board. Lazy people I guess.

You don’t need to tell ME that, tell the people insistent on asking questions that have already been answered.

“I have read and agree to these terms and conditions”

oh my how many times have I lied to the internet.

And yeah, not much we can do about people being lazy, if they skip past the warnings they skip past.

This is why I’m suggesting somewhat of a Terms and Conditions page like you mentioned. We can’t assume everybody would ignore it, because I sure wouldn’t (as a newcomer).

My bad, we posted at the same time :cat2:

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I think at one point, someone said they would sticky my post, but I guess that never happened. Which is why I try to bump it as much as possible. I’m still looking for things to add to that list constantly and if it was stickied then everyone’s lives would be a whole lot asier (including mine)

Why it’s not stickied, I don’t know. It’s probably one of the most resourceful posts available on this forum.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m glad to help out the community whenever I can! I loved Gmod Tower, and I’m currently loving Tower Unite and I can’t wait for 0.3 keys to be sent out!