Request: can you upload the GMT lobby 2 map?

Hey there.

This request is for Pixeltail, and I am hoping this request does not take up too much of their time or anything like that, but I (and I am pretty sure a lot of other people) want the Gmod Tower Lobby 2 map on the Gmod workshop.

The reason I need it, personally, is for a video series on my channel called “Gmod Tower legacy” and, spoiler alert, it is going to feature an ending video where I need the GMT lobby 2 map.

I certainly hope you consider my request, Pixeltail :slight_smile:
(if not, I will find some other way to do the ending I have planned for this series)

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The files exist still, I have them, but I think the devs don’t want people having the files.

Indeed, thats what I figured why they removed the workshop assets in the first place. But you know, its still worth a shot at trying to get the map for a video :slight_smile:

Yeah, you’re not allowed to reupload the map to workshop.

If you think the devs don’t want you having them, why not delete them? :smile_cat:

As implicitly stated by mac just above me, keeping them for yourself is fine (I have my own archive of the GMA files) but you’re not allowed to share.

With all due respect, mac, I was asking if you guys can upload the map for my video series :stuck_out_tongue:

If you say no, then I’m cool with that, I’ll find some other way to end the video series in a proper way but I would really appreciate it if you did reupload the GMT Lobby 2, it will make what I have planned so much easier