Repurpose of the Tower Unite Pool

The pool always felt kinda empty and i thought that it would be a nice adition to add more water park elements.

Like adding water mushrooms over the area , a bucket that throws water from the top, and perhaps a working Tic-tac-toe minigame, etc.

I fucking love those water shrooms


this is a cute idea

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big boi buckets are the best

maybe even waterguns you can buy next to the pool

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This would be such a fun addition

it’d be nice if there were a tiny gap that connected the river and the pool so you can just wade in and out on a tube after using the slide.

I was more thinking with the new private theaters costing units, that the pool could be refurbished with a large slot on the end pointing toward the ocean where you could pay for a large theatre screen to rise from a gap in the pool to have a pool theater party for an hour or so.


It’s not confirmed or anything, but I think it would be cool to have a pool bar and a water gun that’s mounted so you can blast your friends on their inner tubes. Also need to make the inner tubes collide (only reason I haven’t was because of a collision issue and I came up with a solution when making the drivable speed boat).


Could you make it to where we have a key to take an inner tube we have equipped on or off?

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Does this mean we’ll be able to roll ourselves in the ball race balls down the tubes now?

If the tubes will have collision, I hope the water gun can apply knockback to them so you can push them around.


This is a great idea.

Nickolodeon resorts had some interesting water stuff like a giant slime bucket (green water).

Also some secrets like a hidden room for players with the Dolphin potion might be interesting.


i think the pool area would be a perfect place for water park structures like in the op image and some kind of minigame where you water balloon your pals, or spray eachother with water guns.

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