Report players that isn't in game

How can I report players when not in the same game as them I have video with their names and what they did (not sure how much it breaks rules but that should be rule breaking)

Not sure if there’s anything against this method, but if you can find their Steam account and get their Steam ID 64, you can add that to the end of this URL:

And once you do that it should take you to the usual report site. So, if you wanted to report me you would put 76561198071804948 at the end, so the URL would look like this:


Maybe if i do some research I can get their steam 64 ID because damn those dudes deserve to be banned

You just have to open their profile, and copy the numbers at the end of the URL. So, even if you don’t have their Steam64 ID because they have a custom URL, you can get their Steam64 ID by pasting their URL into this site. You can then get the Steam64 ID to ban them from the ESC > Settings > Content > Blocked Players menu to both block and ban them even if they are not in the same room / plaza / condo as you, and so you do not have to be in your condo to ban them.

If you also feel they’re going against the Steam TOS, you should also be using their Steam profile to report them for that, as well.

No like I’m not their friend or anything only thing I can go of is a video, and steam TOS breaking I’m unsure but TU rule breaking it seems to be

I don’t want this to turn into a witch hunt or anything, but if you were to message me a screenshot of their name and profile picture, I could maybe get you the proper link to the report page.

Here is the image of the people

Okay, so you can probably get rid of the image in there, I’ve got their profiles for you. It does look like that’s in minigolf, which isn’t moderated unless in extreme cases, so keep that in mind. I’ll message you links for them, which you should see in the top right in a bit.