Replace this one tree model used in Little Crusaders

The title makes this sound like a joke but I’m being serious trust me. There’s these tree models used in Little Crusaders and I dislike them so much. They’re really low poly to the point where they look like they should be in Altitude or Khromidro and I think they just use a grass texture for the leaves.


If you guys don’t want to make new models for the trees I strongly recommend reusing the trees in Midori instead. They look pretty similar to the trees used here and look significantly nicer.

This has also bothered me a fair bit too because of how different they were to the ones on Market. And now that Mystic Grove exists, which also seems to use the Market trees, the ones on KnightsEnd look even more out of place. Visual consistency isn’t like- too major of a thing in LC seeing as Toy Room exists, but those trees just look so weird and undetailed compared to the rest of the town. While I think the Midori remaster trees look better (especially the leaves), the ones from Market and Mystic seem like they’d be easier to fit within the streets because they appear to be narrow than those.

I like the trees! I think they fit the cartoony, bit more casual art style of Little Crusaders very well.