Replace the catsack accessory item with actual equipable catsacks


I see no reason why there should be an extra accessory option when item catsacks exist. Plus, this could be extended to other types of catsacks as well, which would make obtaining a cosmic somewhat more worth it.


so if you got a silver cat sack you can wear it like the cat pack, and if you got a cosmic you can open it (if you can in the future) or you can wear it on your back… i like that idea, it i subtle but it can show a players dedication to the game.


This is a pretty neat idea. Of course, we’d have to remove the existing item (the backpack one) and refund players.


if its possible to do, you can right click the catsack in your inventory and set catpack skin/type and it changes the texture of the catpack to be like the catsack chosen, and then we keep the catpack in the backpack accessories menu, i dont know if this is a thing that will be possible or be easier to do, but i like the idea of this little feature of tower unite.


Would love this feature!

More personalization in Tower Unite via customising your own character is always a great & well needed addition in my eyes & my friends eyes. :grin:

Nice way to show to everyone your experience on Catsacks, With 10’s of millions of Units already spent on them by the community, Be it Cosmic/Gold/Silver/Normal, everyone would be able to show of how much they have spent &/or how lucky they have gotten! :yum: :relieved:

As far as replacing the current Jetpack as a whole, luckily it is really really cheap for its value & i know for most people, the refunded amount will just be some spare change in their pocket. Not much to worry about there.

Maybe we’ll see this sneak into a patch notes one day :flushed: