Rename server specific Units

It’s really confusing.
Call them [server name] credits instead.
Allow people to re-name them if they don’t like the basic name

Do you mean ranked vs unranked units?

I don’t think it’ll be confusing as you don’t really have a way to check your unit count outside of joining that server, so if you join a ranked server you always have your ranked units, and if you join some other server you have whatever units you left that server with.

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Yeah, I like this idea… I mean, just imagine the possibilities…

Hey dude, I’m selling this rave ball.
Alright, how much?
A small price of 40,000 Big Macs.


Selling a Heart Bed for 2300 [UL] United Lobbies|100 Workshop Addons|Item Playground|Custom Items|Mods|Friendly Admins Shillings!


This is how I imagine this going down.