Rename "Day 6" to "Boss"

As the title says, just a simple QoL text edit.


If you’re familiar with ZM you’ll know that day 6 is the boss round. I think it’s fine as it is.


So players who are unfamiliar with ZM know it’s a boss wave. It’s a simple and harmless change so why not?

The instant someone sees the big spider and all the smaller spiders they’ll most likely realize it’s a boss round and associate it with Day 6. Why change the format of round titles just for a boss battle that’s already easy to recognize as a boss battle? It’s tiny but I think continuity is better here, as weird as that might sound.


I brought up this suggestion to inform players it’s the boss wave during the pre-round. Players have different playstyles between fighting zombies compared to fighting the boss, why not inform players so they can properly pick their preferred class and upgrades for bosses.

It’s not a big deal if they don’t make this change but its literally just a text edit. I don’t see the downside to this.

It could always just say something like “BOSS ROUND” on the class select screen.


I like this suggestion. Having it as 5 rounds and a boss round seems a lot cleaner than 6 rounds.


sorry for being passive aggressive there, i was tired and didn’t really realise that it sounded kinda dick-like.

I think it should say “Boss” under the day 6 sign instead of either or.

Why not just have it say “Final Day”? Conveys the same message after all.