Remove the time limit from the theatre when skipping is implemented

Once voting to skip a video is added to the theatre there isn’t much of a need to limit the time of a video because people will be able to skip long videos.


I think ths timelimit should stay if people want long videos they should go to their condo.

Give server admins the tools to control the maximum lenght of videos.


I know I can go to the condo for no limit, but what if someone wanted to get people together to a movie? Not everyone is going to know it’s happening, the theatre works best for this, and there’s no point in a limit anymore when videos can be skipped.
If there’s has to be a limit it could at least be longer than 10 minutes. Raise it to around 3 hours so movies can be played in the theatre, and no ones queuing a 10 hour loop.

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You can make your condo public so people can watch the movie.

I know I can. But the theatre is the best for watching things, and unless condos will later be connected directly to the lobby and parties will act like they did in GMT people might not know about the movie in my condo.

You also can buy a projector so you can have a very big screen i heard something about a projector screen aswell.

Also chat will be linked so you can tell people that you are playing a movie

That’s exactly the plan, IIRC. The limit’s just there right now to prevent people from putting 10 hour unskippable videos in the theater.

In my opinion, the ability to limit time should be granted to the server administrators.

People could very easily bring their friends on so that the vote skip can’t go through and play stupidly long videos.

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