Remove the teleport boundry from under default condo

Credits to Wheatley on the discord for mentioning this.

After all this time, the community has really cracked the possibilities for condos wide open, with people often building under the map, between walls, and all sort of crazy stuff, so is there any reason players still need to teleport back to spawn when they go under the map here?

Unless I’m mistaken, this is the only condo map that has this. It’s ONLY for under the house area and nowhere else.

I can see why the teleport is there - to allow anyone that can’t noclip to return to the main playing area and prevent them from getting stuck - but it frequently gets in the way whenever I try to move stuff around in the basement. I often noclip and fly around objects in a 360 degree fashion so I can get a better view of their placement, but due to the way the teleport is positioned, moving your feet even slightly below the basement floor will trigger it. If the teleport can’t be disabled because of the concerns for multiplayer, at least disable it for singleplayer so I don’t have to chug a tiny potion every time I go down there to edit something.

Also, I feel like there could be better solutions to the problem the teleport was put in to fix, such as making a small passage that leads outside, changing the cave walls’ collision to one-way, or expanding the caves under the condo to create a secret underwater hideaway.

I don’t think there needs to be a replacement solution. People can just press K to respawn.