Remove the Bunny Ears' Headband and Lower its Position

Simple suggestion, it should be more like the cat ears as the headband is usually too big and hovers or clips on workshop models. Obviously not every cosmetic will work with every workshop model, but the bunny ears I’ve found only seamlessly work with the default models and only the default models.

there’s lots of hats that also don’t work with workshop models
the hats at their basics should support default models.

althought it isn’t super easy to edit the configs for the hats (when making a workshop model) to make them fit

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I know that, but the headband seems a bit unnecessary when a similar item (Cat Ears) fits default and workshop models better. And the only real major differences is the headband which is what ruins it for the mass majority of workshop models.

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I also wish the bunny catsack just had the ears, no band. It makes it look really bad.


Also the thumbnail has no face

he has no grace


well, they remove it, good job


so guys, we did it