Remove the barrier in the icemoon condo

For a condo that is supposed to be an icy moon, the area that you are limited too is really small. The area should be removed as the condo is similar to smooth dirt in which it’s a large and open space.

Also, there is collision outside the barrier that you can noclip outside of. So it’s basically useless to be in the map.

PS. The Barrier has one sided collision

I would love if there was a switch to turn off the barrier. The barrier makes the building area just a bit too small for some ideas I have. Just using a canvas dome as a barrier would work well I think.


Not sure about it being useless as the geometry does get a bit scuffed looking further out, but I do think the usable space could be quadrupled by having the barrier moved back a bit, even if the outer sections have less detail/definition. I don’t think the less detailed sections are too bad since its pretty easy to see the crunchy sections of Underwater too, so there’s at least some precedent for that. The icey ground outside the barriers also doesn’t cause you to slip like the parts within the barriers, so those bits would have to be changed. And then if people are willing to go into the crustier sections, I think it’d be nice if the barrier could be disabled like neph said.

also having a kill volume prevent us from getting to jupiter is cringe :[


This would be amazing.

Either that or perhaps, an option to set our own radius?

I know the latter would be possible by physically placing invisible walls but it would be nice to be able to do it via settings.

The barrier is pointless given that you can teleport or noclip through it anyway