Remove multiple Potato Guns, increase Cosmic Catsack rates


With over 14 Million+ Units now spent on Silver Catsacks.
That is over 14’000+ Silver Catsacks that I have now purchased, placed and opened.

I have yet to receive 1 single Cosmic Catsack & It simply does not feel right at this point.

Cosmic Catsack Rates :crying_cat_face:

Despite spending such a crazy amount of units & time in game, to obtain and open all of these Silver Catsacks.
I have yet to receive 1 single Cosmic Catsack

Personally, at this point now I feel it is completely ridiculous!
I believe that the rates of these Cosmic Catsacks, whatever they are are just too low.
With all this time & money down the drain, it has become less encouraging & enjoyable to play.

My Issue With Potato Guns :gun:

Considering all of this above.
Despite not having received any Cosmic Catsacks, I have however collected

13 Potato Guns

12 of which are completely useless…

Generally, I feel it would be smarter for Potato Guns to be removed as a reward from Golden Catsacks.
if the player already currently owns one.

This alone would most likely greatly help towards these Gold Catsacks feeling less soul destroying & actually feel more worth the play time in Tower Unite.

This is my personal opinion & experience of the matter.
I am positive that most others will have had a much luckier & positive experience compared to myself.
I would be surprised & eager to hear of anyone who has been more unlucky than myself!

what do you guy think about all this?


No. Cosmic Catsacks are meant to be rare.
I mean Lefty Got 2 in a row.
If you get multiple Potato Guns, sell them!


There’s not even any point for them right now anyways, at this point there pretty much just to show off and brag to everyone that you have it, when they give it items i’m sure they will deal with it properly. Right now, I kinda like how rare it is because if you get one (which I haven’t) then you can put it in your condo and everyone will be like “wow that’s neat! This guy must be a pretty good tu player to have one of those.”


no matter how much you increase the rate of cosmics, there will still be a poor unlucky sap who doesn’t get one without a bit of effort. That is the nature of RNG afterall. Making the one rare and coveted item we have way more common would defeat its purpose.

honestly the rates aren’t horrible, but i’ve been through tf2’s RNG so maybe my opinion is a bit askew


Unfortunately, we cannot adjust the odds of the items given based on items you have already. We use Steam to “craft” the item into another item, and they lack that feature.

It sounds like you were hit with unfortunate luck.

As for the Cosmic, we do plan on adding more ways to unlock them in the future (but still very difficult).


That is a shame on steams end

Thinking about it more now, having that kind of feature could have opened up some nice opportunities for some step by step,
easter eggs / riddles / treasure hunts… or something along those lines :thinking:

Worth a shot at suggesting anyways regarding the potato guns.
May we forever be cursed/blessed with endless amounts of spuds :sweet_potato: :gun:



i dont even get golden catsacks lol