Remove Crouch in Chainsaw Deathmatch

In Chainsaw Deathmatch people tend to crouch to be harder to hit, and sometimes games devolve into everyone just crouching around trying to hit each other which is a bit boring in my opinion, and I think the game would be more fun if you couldn’t crouch

remove crouch meta

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Crouchsaw Deathmatch
Chainsaw Crouchmatch

Reality is that crouching makes you easier to hit.

Hitscan for the chainsaw is and arc so if you look down about 45 degrees you completely envelop the hitbox with your hitscan. If they’re crouching they just become slow moving targets.

You can hit standing or crouching players by maintaining a sorta-downward 45 degree angle off the floor.
Its a trick I tell people, but usually only after the match :wink:

Not that many tactics really help much in Lagsaw deathmatch.