Remove "complete 30 times" Achievements

The “Complete Map 30 times” achievements should be removed in my opinion. Say a map has 10 levels, and each takes 30 seconds to complete. This means you would need to spend 2.5 hours playing that map to get the achievement.

A lot of the achievements aren’t meant to be something to have to grind for, but rather something you get overtime. That way, they feel like you really accomplished something in a way. For example, I have all of the 30 time achievements and would hate for them to be removed, I feel like I actually accomplished something and I am glad to have them. That’s just my opinion.


Man, I looked at your profile, every single one of your posts in the ballrace suggestions has to do with these achievements. Give up and just play it. It takes longer to get a wowozela then it does with these achievements.