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This is a game i found somewhere and I think it could fit ths formus.


Take a name of a movie/song etc. Remove one letter (or a space) and add a description


A Fifth of Bethoven

The tragic tale of Bethoven, a genius man who took a gamble he could never recover from- he lost a fifth of his happiness! This song is the very essence of that lost 20% of his happiness.


Can Yu feel the love tonight?

No one knows what Yu is feeling, but he is feeling love.



You knew something was up, but you couldn’t quite figure out what. The scientists seemed to be telling the truth, but there were pieces missing. After a series of disappearances, put yourself in the shoes of detective Gordon Freeman as he takes one of the most harrowing cases of his life. Embark on a one-of-a-kind detective thriller inside Black Mesa to uncover the truth behind the organization in this multi-award winning 1998 classic.


Limehose Blues

Based on a song loved by many throughout the years, Limehose Blues takes the classic in a new direction. Now, follow Sir Limehose as he embarks on a personal journey through the streets of London on a mission to fulfil his inner purpose. It won’t be just another walk in the park, however- an infamous local gang is on the loose and is turning everyone blue! Will Sir Limehose retain his healthy hue, or will he fall victim to deep depression in shades of denim?


Take me

It’s in the title bby ; ))


Arm 3

Experience true arm gameplay in a detailed appendage sandbox. Deploying a wide variety of single- and multiplayer content, over 20 accessories and 40 grabbables, and limitless opportunities for content creation, this is the PC’s premier arm simulating game. Authentic, diverse, open - Arm 3 lends its hand.


Leg Island Xtreme Stunts

A timeless classic in the award-winning appendage franchise, Leg Island Xtreme Stunts brings over 14 new leg designs, a slew of new sock and footwear options, and a whole new island to traverse. Walk, jog, and run around the island in more ways than ever before!

this is literally trying to sell you a walking simulator


Tower Nite™

For the first time ever in the world, experience the thrill of a tower at Nite™ in the comfort of your living room or basement! This game comes packed with Bee™ physics, Moon™ physics, and you can even buy your own Cond™ with the amazing in-game currency, Unis™. Tower Nite™ comes with 5 Game Worl™s, and 110 stores to buy amazing items, such as a pile of snow, or a crushed pumpkin! Pre-Orde™ now for $59.99!


Tower Unit

Experience the life of a tower unite unit from the casino machine all the way to the stray in this 3020 masterpiece preorder now for $100000000000000


Lego Racer.

Take role as a sentient racer and challenge the sentient Rocket Racer.

Counter-Trike: Global Offensive

Take to the streets worldwide in this all-new teamplay action racer. It’s counter-terrorists versus terrorists in an adrenaline-pumping racing shootout! Rescue hostages and defuse bombs as you race to the bombsite. Drive your team to victory and eliminate the enemy at all costs! Ready your firearms and start your engines- this is going to be a bumpy ride!


Team Fortress

It’s TF2 but the old one from like 1999 or something


Watch Dog

You watch a dog, no this isnt nintendogs you just watch a dog.


Lime Rancher

A fun and relaxing game where you ranch all the different shades of green.



Everyone has one scene each where they moan.


Worm Ultimate Mayhem

Star as a single worm delivering ultimate mayhem to those upon them.


Assassin’s Cred

Take to the streets and earn your credibility as an assassin.


The Itcher 3: Wild hunt.

You’ve got a bad case of poison ivy rashes and now are on the hunt for some medicine.


Grand Heft Auto

Work at the new Heft Auto store that opened up and make your way to be the Grandest auto store of them all