Remote control to turn on and off TVs at a distance

As it is known, turning televisions on and off is a problem for many players. While doing this, it is inevitable to stand in front of the television and block the view of other players. If the television is large, it is also a hassle to take a long way, turn on the television and return. How about a remote control that every player can obtain to make all this job easier? With this tool, players will turn the televisions on and off at any time and distance by taking this remote control in their hands.

This is almost 100% something you’ll be able to do when Condo IO releases


I would like a remote item, but I think I might make changes to the media players to allow you to turn them on with Q from a distance.


if i see someone holding Q and aiming at my tv i wanna see a little remote in their hand


Maybe it could be like the the Voice Chat indicator, showing when someone is messing with Media.


exactly yeah i’d love that

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Of course, you could program the TVs to turn on and off with a single key from a distance, but a remote control as a player tool would be a much more realistic way instead. Also, it would be nice if there is an info to show who’s watching or how many players currently watching active TV just like the plaza TVs. If players want to make each other watch something, that way they don’t fool themselves by making sure someone is watching.

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