Remix 10 - A Tower Unite x Rhythm Heaven mashup

if this gets as big as the poker catsacks or ashge’s animations i will probably
remake this in high quality in the future (for now just watch in small screen)

for now i’m happy that i got to make this video before someone else did
and i’m pretty proud of it :smile:


It’s a mastapieceeeee
No but seriously this is awesome, I just loved the animation for the cat sack(?) for the monkey tambourine part.


OK then…

I don’t have a clue as to what I just watched, but I love it. Also I was in it, that’s pretty sweet too

the part with the clapping serious catsack got me, that was funny XP , nice video overall too, really owo/

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Hah, that’s really cool! I can definitely tell a lot of work was put into this.

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I love Rhythm Heaven! And this is awesome haha

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No idea what Rhythm Heaven is, so I definitely didn’t understand the references, but it was still a really good animation anyway.

Rhythm Heaven is a rythm game (ofc). They are also the same team who worked on the WarioWare games.

I strongly suggest to play them or watch clips of these minigames. They are catchy and fun.

for reference


I love it

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That’s really truckin’ good, keep it up!

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It’s so good!

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Don’t do Green potion kids

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Ah, it’s a Nintendo game. Cool. Would definitely try it but I don’t have a DS.

It’s actually on 4 different consoles (5 counting Wii U)

The first Rhythm Heaven we got in the Americas/everywhere outside of Japan was just called Rhythm Heaven (Rhythm Paradise if you’re in the UK) and that was on the DS.

The second one we got is what the video is based off of, Rhythm Heaven Fever. This one was for the Wii, but you can currently pick it up for your Wii U on the Nintendo eShop.

The third game we got (and most recent) was Rhythm Heaven Megamix. This was on the 3DS and features games from both previous titles, some new ones, and a few games that originally were Japan exclusive on the Game Boy Advance.

Hope that helps clear things up!


What’s a Wii U?

a relic from the past

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Ah, well, I don’t have any Nintendo consoles anyway. Last Nintendo console I had was the Wii. Planning to get a Switch though.