Reminds me of PlayStation Home!

I think alot of the ideas PlayStation Home had while it was active could be implemented in Tower Unite!
For the ideas you could just google home and see, ill post some once I come up with a decent list, any one else who players Home can state there references to!

The developers have stated they don’t want it to be like any other game and it was not inspired by any other game. (Especially one like this)


They’ve technically made stuff like this (gmod tower) from before playstation home, so… no.

Didn’t Gmod Tower start in 2009? Because PS Home came out in 2008.

Yea, but they started working on it, from the very first idea, back in 2006.

Ah. Didn’t know it was that old.

Besides that, virtual world games have existed since 1978, so PS Home wasn’t exactly a new concept.

Let us all also not forget about why PlayStation Home fell and the features of it that made it bad from the excessive use of micro-transactions, to little things like only being able to watch PlayStation game trailers in the theater. Tower Unite in my opinion manages to curb a lot of the problems seen in PS Home but other games that have come in it’s wake have not. *cough* AtomUniverse *cough*


ah, thanks for clarifying

[quote=“balianthemighty, post:7, topic:15031”]virtual world games have existed since 1978

uhhh like what?

a quick google can answer thst but their is no given answer as they were mainly command prompt based as they are technically still virtual worlds not higher tech 3D virtual world such as PS Home and TU.

See the link that Spookz posted. MUD1 came out in 1978, although it was text-based. The first graphic-based one was Habitat in 1987. The first 3d one, I believe, was Second Life in 2003.

There are earlier 3d ones; for example, was made in 1995. Most of them are just based on making virtual worlds though, not playing games or anything, so TU’s pretty unique in that aspect.

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