A simpler, yet shittier time…


God I want that Black Tower Unite T-Shirt so much…such a shame there isn’t even a simple store that sells them online. I would have easily purchased that 90 dollar tier for all that.

I’d love for the t-shirts to be sold eventually (Tower Unite merch shop, anyone?), but the IndieGogo rewards are much better imo.

Gotta love how the stretch goal “In-game poster” became a standard feature, same with the rollercoaster.

Who knows what else will become standard…

ALSO, we will be launching a storefront for merchandise in the future so you’ll be able to grab one of those cool t-shirts someday.


foams at the mouth

This post does show however how far the team has come in terms of Crowd Funding experience.

wait where did you get this? i don’t remember this at all?

The failed Kickstarter earlier in the year.


It’s also great to see how we’ve already overtaken the Kickstarter’s total funding and still have 18 days left.


A lot of people like me weren’t able to donate to the kickstarter because our credit cards would get rejected, or some people didn’t have credit cards. Since indiegogo has paypal support I’ve been able to donate more from the extra money in my paypal.

I’ve got to appreciate the PayPal support. Without it I couldn’t donate either.

There’s no difference in both the campaigns other then one had actual ingame footage and the other had “Tower unite is great - random players from gmt”… and obviously it’s on indiegogo rather then kickstarter so more people being able to donate using paypal.

Aside from the fact that the Trailer wasn’t as informative than the Indiegogo, They were asking for 100,000 dollars on the Kickstarter…sure I guess there was no difference.


Make Kevan Brighting a voice actor and this game will sell even better

I hated the kickstarter before it went mainstream

YES! Take my money!

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That’s because everyone said “that’s to much” when it’s not, especially for a game that’s going to have the equivalent of 4 or more full scale games in it at launch.