Remember the ballrace alpha's networking being MEGA WONK? FIXED YO

So in the ballrace alpha (and the most recent plaza alpha) connected clients would have really strange velocities, either being way too slow or way too fast. There was some weird shit™ happening that only happened in standalone that was a pain to track down, but me and @Zak fixed it!

sick debug outputs
(note red means angry)


Cudos to @Zak & @Foohy, much love.

Me and my friends were having this issue and it was a major bummer.

WOAH WOAH This was a
#Team Effort!™

I advised, @Foohy did all the work on this one.


Well, shit™.

sick [quote=“Foohy, post:1, topic:2045”]
[/quote] mangos* @Zak @Foohy

I wanna know how you guys continue to acquire trademarks.


There was a trademarkdown™.


Does this fix the stuttering client side that happens when you run and jetpack in the lobby as well, or is that a separate issue entirely?

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Oh man, THANK you guys. I had this same exact problem when I tried to run the very first Ball Race demo back in like, April. I thought it was my computer, but apparently it was a bug. (Didn’t experience it in the TU alpha, hm.)

Separate issue, and they’re looking into it.

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This was something that had to be fixed. Glad to know it already is! Now we will be able to play it normally in the next alpha :slight_smile:

Getting Network Physics Working™: The Movie™
Great work! Hopefully Ball Race can be fully enjoyed by the next alpha.


[quote=“PoliteWhale, post:12, topic:2045”]
Getting Network Physics Working™: The Movie™
[/quote] Another great production from the official super-serious developers of this Game Project Thing™Ⓡ©.