Remasterd inside ideas

Bigger/wider, switch from dark to light. Maybe a cafeteria? option to change bowling skin before it’s your turn to bowl. Comfortable looking seats that user can sit while watching/afk.

I think the current bowling alley is pretty accurate to the majority of bowling alleys I’ve been to, but I know what you’re talking about, something akin to what’s seen in The Big Lebowski and The Simpsons? I’m also completely on board with a 15 second menu before the game starts to change your skin instead of having to go to the shop every time.


Funnily enough there used to be a cafeteria. It was kinda useless, and got removed.


While we’re on the topic of the Bowling Alley interior, maybe like one or two arcade cabinets in it? I know the AMC that I used to bowl at used to have HOTD3 and a Mrs. Pacman cabinet

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