Remake of my SFM posters

Remake of my 1st SFM poster

Remake of my 2nd SFM poster

Remake of my 6th SFM poster

Each poster uses a diffrent style of lighting, which do you like the most?

  • Many volumeric lights, dark (not that much
  • Light from almost every direction
  • Really dark, only few lights

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make one thread for all your fnaf stuff please


I’m making diffrent threads for things because i want to be sure noone will miss it.

So you completely dismissed what people told you to do? Just make this your megathread.

My thoughs are to make like post if i will have some (7 or more) Pictures that i want to show to you.
Also this is only thread that i could postaci some sfm posters.

Why don’t you make a thread where you post everything you have to show us? (models, SFM posters, etc.)

Don’t bother. He’s not gonna listen.

One thing,
i don’t like megathreads, i allways want to make detailed post about i thing, example

I made there a detailed thread about my condo suggestion, and i didn’t want to make it in megathread (technicially it was on megathred).
or simply
I just don’t like megathreads


I got no thread to post those…

uh you can make one?

Just make a thread that is titled, like, “Patryk’s Fnaf SFM Art” or something and post all your stuff there


Why don’t you like Megathreads?

Unnecessarily bold text. bad usage… :unamused:

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