Relocate the Casino monorail door

i’m not sure if this is just temporary but the new monorail door seems kind of out of place and asymmetrical in the casino entryway, it’s not connected to the path and it’s right in front of a seating area

there could be a few different solutions to this but here’s one idea i came up with by mirroring the room and putting the entrance on that wall (indicates that there may be a stairwell behind)

ignore the blue couch on the right i was too lazy to spend time removing it



another solution could be to have players exit through the door in the mezzanine if there was an easier way to access it

just a few thoughts let me know how you feel

Yeah, that monorail door does out of place - especially when the monorail is at the other side of the casino. But yeah, access to the “upstais” area would be a good place to put it.


I think it’d actually make more sense if the back wall looked like how it does in your edited image, and the monorail door was placed on the right wall where the blue couch is. It’s a very minor thing but as it is currently, the monorail door is placed on the side of the casino building, but takes you to a door on the front of the building, which seems weird to me.


this would be the best option yeah

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