Reload audio button

When playing the game my headphones may get unplugged due to the cable getting pulled out. When I plug them back in all the games audio is gone and I must restart to get it back.
I’d like a button to maybe reload the audio to play through my headphones again.

I have a similar issue in another game where just pressing a keybind reloads the audio and textures

Be a bit more careful when taking off your headset or walking around your computer so it doesn’t get pulled out?

Do you even Community Guidelines? I’m very disappoint, son.

Not sure if by restart you mean restart the game or your computer. When Magicka completely fucked my Windows Audio, this helped:

Should this be sufficient, you could probably make a Batchscript. Tada, Reload Button.


I know this can be solved somehow in game as another game I play has a function to reload audio and that solves the problem.
I’ll try your temp fix
this is a suggestion thread not a “help me with my audio issues thread”
and if you go round pointing out the community guidelines like you’re some sort of authority less people will probably like you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Though it isn’t breaking all my audio. as discord, steam and chrome seem to have no issues afterwards.

Edit2: It did not fix the issue as I thought it wouldn’t as you describe Magicka breaking all of your audio where as my issue is the game not playing audio.

If it’s that frequent of a problem (in this and other games), perhaps invest in wireless headphones ¯_(ツ)_/¯

That was not obvious to me from reading the OP so I guess sorry for wasting your time. I love applications that give you more control over how they handle their Audio IO (Looking at you, Mumble and VLC) so have a vote for the suggestion.

I’m not trying to look authoritive. If the Disappointment-meme makes it look so, I see my mistake of not ending that meme in an emoticon. I’m not sure why exactly your post was liked by (currently) 4 others but I hope this community does not encourage others to call each other asshole and dislikes you for linking forum rules that tell you to please not do so, even if the post answered to isn’t very helpful.

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make that five

I’m not asking for people’s help with the issue. It’s a suggestion. Not a cry for help.
Plus I don’t like wireless headphones.

The guy was just trying to help with a suggestion. Calling him an asshole was just rude and uncalled for. I have no idea why 5 people liked the post because that’s just toxic behavior.


Let’s set things straight;

Just like Spookz said: It’s a suggestion, not a “help me” post - Double-read and check if it’s a a suggestion before you post.

Calling people an “asshole” for thinking it’s a “help-me” post is straight out rude and nonsense, Next time only “this is exactly not a solution to that” should’ve been said.


I would more prefer settings to change device you use for voice chat and in-game sound, could also resolve your problem.

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seems more like a bug than anything. never heard of a game permanently disabling audio upon unplugging audio output from the computer