Release at the same time GMT closes?

I was wondering if Tower Unite’s Early Access is getting released at the same time as GMod Tower closing? I have school during the afternoon (which I originally thought that was the time), so I thought if GMT was closed, wouldn’t Tower Unite rise?

Thanks, MouseDroid.

TU is coming out on April 8th at 4 pm PST and GMT is closing the same day at 11:59 PST.

Well caboose set before 5pm where did you get an hour so exact?

I was going by the Steam countdown. According to Steam, that’s when it’ll be released.

I think caboose said that’s incorrect, he said it’s just to let know of the day but not of the exact hour.

Huh, that’s weird. You’d think it’d countdown to midnight then. Why 5pm PST? Kind of a random time to countdown to. But oh well, whatever. You weird, Valve.