"Regular" can be (technicially) faked


Do you see this?
I actually don’t have regular rank but if i type here “Regular”

I have faked regular rank

And the worst thing is

“Regular” rank is shown right below name, and when name isn’t shown, regular is just where name is

So i will reccomend moving “Regular” somewhere else

Just because you set your name to regular doesn’t mean you will be shown as a regular user. Only regulars have the word “Regular” just off to the right of their username in the forums. It might confuse people for a second, but the lack of the “Regular” tag and missing Regular badge should easily prevent people from being tricked (with the possible exception of new users).


i just saw a possibility of doing something like that and,
wanted to report something like this can be done.

It’s not like the title matters to anything lol


The only real way to tell is if it’s by someone’s name in a forum post. See to the right of my, @vtipoman, @Arkive86’s names in this thread for instance.


Honestly it doesn’t matter, it’s a title with 0 benefits. most people wont check profiles, and even when they do the badge will say otherwise. it just makes you look a fool. :saxophone:


Kinda sad if people do this because they think it makes them seem more special tbh

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