Regarding Soundcloud GO

So recently with the new Soundcloud GO subscription thing running around the website it made me wonder about the future of soundcloud go services. Are we simply just going to have to use mp3, and other media platforms like that, or will you figure out a way to worm past that? Cause I fear that many people will be limited with their music because of this.

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I doubt the developers want to support circumventing a paywall.

It really shouldn’t be a problem. Soundcloud Go is really no different from YouTube Red. It just allows you to access exclusive songs, as well as listen offline and without ads. The YouTube integration works fine, so I’d imagine Soundcloud will also work fine.

Reason why I say this is because of the Nightclub. As someone who is an extreme fan of the club it makes me worried because almost everything I did listen to on soundcloud was locked away by GO. Songs that were once free were suddenly locked away.