Refine Sliding to allow landing into a slide

This one small change would drastically, majorly improve how the movement feels in this game. Going between slides and jumps is fun, but, you can’t land from a jump into a slide. This is in lots of games with sliding mechanics, like Ultrakill and Fortnite, and I’ve noticed how much better it makes sliding feel in those games. It’s as simple as putting you into a slide if you’re holding crouch in the air and land while it’s held.

Without this change, it’s been really jarring and stiff to come to an absolute standstill from running and gunning because I pressed crouch a little too early to start a slide.


Personally and this might be an unpopular opinion, sliding needs a complete revamp.

Sliding should;

  • Be faster than your current speed
  • If you press jump while sliding it’s like a boost forward, like when you currently double jump.
  • Be unable to strafe as strong as you can right now, sliding should not be a spammable thing, if you slide you’re dedicated to the direction you’re going.

Maybe they could add sprinting as well? Or would this break something?

I wouldn’t really like sprinting honestly. There’s already a lot going on and I don’t really want to have to hold down shift just to get the optimal amount of speed.


sdnl seems to already be balanced around going pretty dang fast. we’d be strapping rocket boosters to bullet trains at that point

yea true, it’s already almost pure chaos haha

We had sprinting in early versions and we felt it was annoying and just defaulted sprinting on.

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