Reduce the price of payout rewards for Selling

I have been doing some experimenting and if you sit at any game that gives you a large amount of tickets, and you redeem those tickets for prizes, you can easily start to rake in a ton of cash.

I have discovered that it’s quite possible to make $1M in game currency a week just from buying the rewards from the NPC at the counter, then opening your inventory and selling the item(s) you buy. I feel like this kind of breaks any chance of a possible in game economy if player owned stores ever became a thing.

Even if it’s not planned for them to become a thing, the amount you can make monthly is ridiculous. I feel like the main source of your in-game income should come from playing the Minigames and/or the casino and not the arcade.

There are no plans for an in-game economy due to the inevitability of real-world trading and botting. There are much faster ways of making units, you can get 100k from one Treasure from Sea run if you are lucky. The effort put in by farming arcade machines is enough to warrant the profit.


This was a hypothetical scenario.

The suggestion I presented here was to give some encouragement to the playerbase to go play the minigames among other things rather than just farm tickets for 4 hours a day, buy the items and sell them for a major profit as you can easily make 1M+ in a week, which at that point, kind of devalues the market as players can buy everything on the market and still have a ton of extra money left over to buy condos among other things which would then lower the player count as the players have everything already.

You’re only looking at a very small part of the box here my fellow player.

Disagree. The casino, particularly casino slots, should remain a sub-optimal means of making units

Casino slots require literally zero skill (mash space to win) and are largely RNG dependent. imo casino slots jackpots should be nerfed in to oblivion to deter people from just setting up an autoclicker. Those who do aren’t even interacting with the game in a positive or meaningful way.

Big unit payouts should correlate with skill-based games (eg. Plaza Minigames, Minigolf, Ball Race, Bowling, Typing Derby, Billiards, Dark Voyage — to name a few, etcetera…) Billiards and Dark Voyage are already pretty generous with regards to their payouts


Besides, this is a casual social game, emphasis on casual.
Being able to earn units through multiple avenues, even ones as creative as selling rewards from casino honestly is fair game. (And partly why I think fish values should be buffed significantly and whenever cooking is a thing to also be an alternative).

I also want to emphasize that units don’t hold any value beyond what the user uses them for, there’s a reason why the busted halloween achievements glitch that netted a lot of players millions of units changed nothing in the grand scheme of things, cuz those players really don’t have anything to show for it.

Until the day we get better unit sinks, akin to Catsacks

If your only motivation to play minigames is earning units, sounds to me like you don’t want to play the minigames.

If buying all the items means someone stops playing the game, then maybe Tower Unite isn’t the game for that person. It is not a collectathon. It is a casual social game. Pretty much the only thing units are for are for condo furniture and accessories. Most of the important inventory items like jetpacks are very cheap. Most of the unique items, like many of the weapons, cannot be obtained through things like the arcade, and must be obtained by doing things like playing minigames.

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