Reduce minimum players to 2

I type this as me and 1 other person have waited in a LC lobby for about 15 minutes, host has waited an excess of an 40 before I joined. Its a common occurrence, and most likely the leading reason few people start lobbies for LC as you’re dependent on the likelihood more than 2 people will join and that translates into a lot of waiting.

Little Crusaders is difficult to find lobbies for, and for people with less than 2 friends to play with, no one wants to start a lobby and wait 50 minutes before someone may or may not join.

I think Little Crusaders has enough gameplay perfectly fit for a 2 player head to head if it has to be. That way 2 people will be all it needs to start, and perhaps increase the chances that more people will join once they see the game in progress.

This game suffers the most from lack of proper matchmaking systems. I think in the meantime it is okay to have it be minimum 2 players.


If there is only 2 players in Little crusaders, I think the dragon’s roar should be disabled. (Just for 2 player lobbies, not when there’s just a knight and dragon left in a populated lobby.)

Because the roar move is intended for defending against multiple knights. And landing a roar against a single knight is pretty a guaranteed kill for the dragon.

I’m not a Little Crusders expert, just giving my concerned opinion.

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IMO this should actually be a thing for populated lobbies too (as a buff for the knight to prevent being scared, rather than just disabling the roar button). If there’s 1 knight left and the dragon scares them it’s basically game over for them, which feels pretty unfair.


Hey question because I’ve been waiting for it for a while: is there any info lately regarding the Little Crusaders Balancing Update, especially with work on the new map seemingly approaching conclusion? I know that the Trello isn’t necessarily accurate nor 100% up-to-date but there hasn’t been work on it for a while despite it being listed in ‘Active Development’. Thanks, and cheers!

I’ll be working on Little Crusaders again very soon, the new map will push it forward to my plate.