Reduce LC Max Player Count to 6

Little Crusaders feels a bit too hectic with 8 players in a server. 6 players feels like the perfect limit for players to play Little Crusaders with.

just host games with a 6 player limit if you dont want games with 8 players. i agree with 8 player matches being hectic but some people might actually like how crazy it is.


I want to have two dragons when the game goes beyond 6 players and actually increase the game player count once that happens to like 12.


two dragons sounds like madness, but fun madness


can we have the second dragon have lipstick on


8 players is completely fine if you work around that as the dragon. if you expect it to play the exact same as a 4 player game then your strategy and approach is the issue and not the games fault.

just like css, can you imagine 50 player lobbys of virus, that would be extremely fun.

7 knights vs 1 dragon is way too difficult.
Knights can out-right just surround the dragon, and will 100% lose.


5 knights and 1 dragon is ideal

UCH is played frequently with 20+ players. It’s hectic, but still completely possible for the chimera/dragon to win. Dragon just has to play smart with more players around.

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2 dragons? Can they be the King and Queen dragons?

more like increase lc max player count to 32 amiright?

first 128 player gameworld!

that would be one sick game of virus

ball race 300 players

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ball race battle royale!

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