Record Player Item

i was doing some fishing and caught that one elevator music item and had a wonder… what if there was a record player item? you could obtain these records from various means (fishing, milestones, purchasing them, etc) and play them in a record player item in your condo (or maybe a portable equippable that lets you locally play them anywhere?)

as long as you have the item in your inventory, you could select whatever record you want from a list and play it by interacting with the record player item(s) and selecting it from a list, then it would emit that song from the item itself with settings for volume, pitch, etc for yourself and other players to hear

not only could it be original tracks like the elevator music and more, but having tracks from the game that you’re able to play in your condo would be huge. being able to play something like “The Plaza’s Top 4 Hits” and it’d be the music you hear over the speakers in the plaza would be such a little but fun feature

i realize that workshop sound emitters would be able to do exactly this, but for tracks in the game that you likely couldn’t upload without the devs tearing your spinal cord out i feel like this could be a super fun thing for people to collect and play with

proof of concept:

Yes, yes, and more yes! This is a great idea and the proof of concept looks so good, like it already belongs in the game.


Now you have me wondering how did you confectionate this proof of concept.


Adobe Premiere Pro 2020


Building off this idea, there should be a default Media function to the record.
If you don’t have any vinyls to play, then you can insert the default “Media Player” vinyl that allows you to play YouTube or Soundcloud audio.


yus this needs to happen

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This would be sick if it was added in the game.


There’s a couple of us who make music on the side here and there… I’d be willing to donate some stuff that could be made into collectables…

(here’s my soundcloud, where i’m REDKANG)