Recommended hardware and OS for a small server

I want to host dedicated server for about 6 people.
What is the recommended minimum storage, memory, cpu?
What is recommended linux flavor and version?
Any repos I should have configured before attempting the install?

This is assuming you’re referring to the Tower Unite Dedicated Server—

I’ve run a dedicated server in the past with a dozen-or-so people on a PC with an AMD FX-4300 (4 cores @ 3.8 Ghz) and 8GB of RAM at I-don’t-know-but-it-was-DDR3 Mhz, and it was fine. It was running running the regular non-server version of Ubuntu 20.04 alongside a perl script and some file/webserver stuff. It also seemed to fare fine when I Minecraft server with 6GB reserved would boot up.

The dedicated server, with a handful of people (4-5), was/is able to run on a 2 core/4GB of RAM Linode instance (2 cores of an AMD EPYC 7713 @ ~2Ghz) fine from what I’ve noticed on Debian 11 with no desktop environment and four perl scripts running that manage a webserver on it. du -sh ./Tower\ Unite\ Dedicated\ Server/ reports that it takes about 4.5GB of drive space. Without the server running 156MiB of RAM is being used, with it running with no players 1347MiB is being used, and with one person loaded in who teleported from the center fountain to the casino, and then to the arcade, it was at 1364MiB being used. CPU usage looks like 2% usage on core 0 and about 40-50% on core 1. I’m not saying it won’t run with more than 4-5 people- that’s just all I had at the time.

There is, however, not much you can do with it at the moment as Arcade/Casino don’t work due to lack of AGC and trying to queue something on a media player gives Media request error: Media request failed, and I don’t recall if payouts or fishing work correctly either. You can do activities that don’t require AGC, but you might not actually get any units or exp for them. Also minigames/events like treasure from the sea, summer characters, balloon shoot, etc don’t work as they require the AGC to start up. In the future they plan on using the dedicated server tool for dedicated condos, however that doesn’t currently work–loading into a condo will just crash the server. As with the regular client for Tower Unite, hardware requirements will vary depending on what all you have placed in the condo and if there’s physics calculations that need to be done on the servers side. Not that that maters much at the moment as it doesn’t work for condos yet.

I never had to add any repos or anything outside of installing SteamCMD to actually download it, but I guess your mileage could vary.

Got it thanks!