Reason for the Chat Launguage difference

Hey, this thread will tell you why there is so many different speaking people in chat lately

A German Youtuber by the name Gronkh with 4,8M subscribers, uploaded a video where he played tower unite, as As seen by this video here, this video made alot of people from different countries want to play the game, and therefore buying the game

i hope this could help anyone who is confused/shocked,
Please do not go attack or make jokes/fun of these people, as they are purely here because of their favorite youtuber, be sure to report anyone who makes offensive statements, and or harrases them Thank you



Fun fact about this guy, he was one of the people to massively popularize Minecraft in Germany around 2010 with his let’s play of it which went on for 1200-ish episodes.

Can’t believe the channel still exists and draws people to whatever new game he plays. Never really was a fan of let’s plays but hey, good for the guy. And good for Tower Unite, of course. Haven’t seen too many Germans flock to the game, probably due to a lack of localization.


I knew Gronkh awhile ago when he used to (or still does) make minecraft lets plays with popular mods over 100+ episodes

so suddenly everyones getting all huffy because he played tower unite with tobi, curry and pan, and then his fans start playing it too

its nothing new really, but thats something i guess.

you’re absolutely right, Slim-Shady. And I am one of these germans watching Gronkh’s (or better HWSQ’s Videos, that’s a group of german youtubers) Vid’s which has led me to this great game. Unfortunately, most player think, joining on a Frankfurt-Server (EU FRA 1, 2 and 3) means that there’s a german chat also. Sadly, it is not. And that confuses other players from other countries. I hope, you Devs will find a solution there. I already suggested on Steam Discussion to create localized channels, where frenchmen can chat french, chinesemen on chinese etc. Of course this solution could lead to a very silent global chat…

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The next update will have a change that gives players the option to only see chats from specific regions. So somebody can easily hide messages coming from the Frankfurt servers if they don’t understand German, or a German person could hide the American servers if they don’t understand English. I think this should solve the problem for the most part :slight_smile:

Any publicity is good publicity as far as I’m concerned. Remember the boost of players that came with the Yogscast let’s plays in 2012? I’d be willing to bet a sizable portion of Tower Unite’s player base wouldn’t be here had they not heard about it through YouTube videos.

The tricky part, though, is when there’s many non-english speakers introduced from a non-english speaking YouTuber, and everyone’s meshed together in global chat. It does get a bit confusing for a few days.

Would be great to see more popular Youtubers and streamers bring more players to the game, no matter the language.


And also hide all the UK English speakers in the process. People that use the Frankfurt server for the best connection to the lobby. It would be nice if they added just 1 UK region server.

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I agree, a server region in the UK would be ideal, though I don’t know the cost associated with it. That said, hiding regional chats is at least a temporary solution that addresses the issue.

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