Really Windows 10?

:expressionless: da face when you can’t access dis. How do i enable it?

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I have several questions


What are they?

Could be a virus that’s causing issues. If not, double check that your user account actually is an administrator.

You may have to run it as an administrator also.

nice background


It is a administrator. It’s the only admin thing not working on my computer. I had a prev virus that took away my administrator so i reformatted my PC not too long ago. (about 20 days ago in June) Running as admin didn’t work. :cry: cri.

thx m8

Have you done a virus scan again just in case?

I’ll do it when i get my anti-virus programs back on my computer.

When I suspect a persistent malware to control my computer, I don’t trust security programs installed on the same system anymore, I acquire a bootable system medium like Rescue Discs and annihilate that annoyance. How is it going to block my defenses or hide its existence and activity when the system is offline?

Original in case link goes down