Re-creating the Nightclub Trailer (WIP Thread)

Sup. You may remember, or not. I recently re-created the arcade trailer in my own style of editing, and it seemed like many of you really enjoyed it.

Link to that thread is here: I overedited the Arcade trailer

Now I’m going to take on another challenge, which is the Nightclub Trailer. I really enjoyed the original nightclub trailer, but I want to add my own pizzazz to it, and possibly see what makes my computer vomit all over my floor.

Ill be updating this thread whenever I’ve made some significant progress. If you have any questions on what programs I use, or how my workflow works, etc… just ask me.

I’ll start here:

My Guidelines:
-Lots of velocity and fading.
-Show functionality of certain tools.
-Switch from 21:9 to 16:9
-60fps (that means record at 120)
-Add a drunk scene and make it look as if the camera were drunk; pitch the song up and down as you go down the timeline.
-Make some wacky effects
-Find patterns for Transition shots.

What I have finished so Far:
-Resolution set at 2560 x 1440 (with anamorphic borders in the first half)
-Mix: Wired (Bastion Remix) - added a significant amount of reverb to make it euphoric, and changed some phrasings.
-Storyboard - really it’s ongoing; not set in stone.
-Scenes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
-Final Color grading first the first few scenes.




This is the kinda shit I live for lol.

If you need a hand tho with getting footage or some things then let me or my boi @Leviathan know.

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Bro, thanks.

Ill probably check up with him to see if he knows any secrets on making some films for this game.

Update: Starting the Drunk scenes.

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Much higher quality gif here: