RC Race Track Condo Contest! [Sep/Oct 19]

Alright, time’s up! In 24 hours we’ll post our winners right here.

The Staff team have voted for their favourites and the results are in!

1st Place - 800,000 Units
@barkScript - Tower Unite Island

2nd Place - 400,000 Units
@JesusFreak - Haunted House RC Track

Once again, we had a tie for third place so we’ve got two winners!
3rd Place - 200,000 Units
@BiggieSpanks - Gambler’s Paradice
@Plasma - 6 Side Drive

Congrats to our winners! Your prizes should arrive in your inventories soon. Also thanks to everyone that participated! Stay tuned for a spooky Condo Contest in the not-too-distant future!


Unit rewards have been distributed, congratulations to everyone who won and who participated in the event!


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